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Welcome back to the 9th season of combined Hertfordshire and Middlesex youth rugby leagues; let's hope that it is more successful and enjoyable than ever. In order to try and ensure that that is the case there are a number of important administrative matters to take care of and your cooperation would be MUCH appreciated. Before I go into the details, I would like to specifically request that you take some time to assist the new members of your club to meet their league requirements. The fact that you are receiving this email at all means that you already know something of what is required but every year the league received dozens of emails from uninformed team managers. Since the league is administered on a voluntary basis we do not have the resources to manage their requests centrally and simply refer them back to their clubs. This is frustrating for them and for us and so please as a club take responsibility to familiarise the "newbies" with what is required. This includes:

· Setting up an account on the website for all new managers (detailed instructions are available on the website of how to do this and any person within a club who already has an account can do this);

· Make sure that anyone who is responsible for a B team has a separate authorisation to see their teams. (If you are unsure of how to do this then please ask; it is not as straightforward as it should be!);

· Nominating a club resource to assist new managers in any queries that they have in updating their results on the website.

In addition to the above, please take time to complete an updated contacts list and send it to the league so that it can be compiled into a new directory. Either start from last year's list or download a document template from the website. Updated contact details should be received by 30th September and will be included in the directory in the format that they are received. Any updates received after this time will only be included if a charitable administration charge of £20 is paid through the normal channels. Every year people fail to meet this deadline and are not included in the update. This becomes very frustrating for those people who continue to be called in regards to age groups for which they no longer have responsibility. Please therefore make every effort to compile this list and return it by the specified date.

As a final note, please make sure that your contact details on the website are up-to-date. This is the only means by which we communicate with you. If your email address is not current then you will not receive league communication. This creates hassle for you and for us so please take the time now to do this. Please also confirm with other age groups in your club that they are also receiving this information because if they aren't they may never find out about it unless you tell them! To this end, can I ask all of you to contact at least one other age group in your club to check this; and let's say that that should be the age group one year younger than your own. If we can achieve that then I am sure many of the delays and frustrations will be overcome.

Good luck in the new season and enjoy the rugby!

Kind regards

Gerard Elliott


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